Who Am I?

Hi all! I’m Suridh Das-Hassan sometimes known as Shaz amongst various others names depending where in the world you’ve met me. I’m Eurasian (British, Indian, Indonesian) and when having to label myself and what I do, I would say i’m a filmmaker, artist and author.

I’ve worked a lot within the media. A few years in football television in the UK, a stint as a video paparazzo, I’ve made a number of documentary films, news pieces, commercials and quite a few art and illustration books.

My focus today is moving my work towards more fiction filmmaking and keeping my small book publishing label going with long time collaborator Ryo Sanada.

To summarize i’m trying to use my experiences growing in

What’s this newsletter about?

The title is Place and Process. I’ll be sharing my behind the scenes work flows, what i’m up to, where i’m at and always doing it through my semi-nomadic lens. I intend this newsletter to be a testing ground for ideas and I like to share music links.

I’ll be looking at posting once a week and free of charge.

And now, here’s a photo of me getting some ink done on my back in Siem Reap, Cambodia.